Life isn't fair

" The race is not to the swift, or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant, or favor to the learned, but time and chance happen to them all." Ecclesiastes 9: 11

So often we say to ourselves that life isn't fair... well the honest truth is that it just isn't fair - nor is it meant to be.
For some reason humans have this insane notion that we all deserve certain things - that God somehow owes us something for all we do and how "good" we are... I don't know about you - but when i feel that way i rarely think about all that God has done for me already, i just get so caught up in my own selfish life and completely forget that God owes me nothing - absolutly nothing - im a flawed human that screws up so many times in a day that i couldn't keep track if i tried - but as soon as i feel i have done something good i feel i should be rewarded - but for what, for doing a few things right in the midst of my sin filled life?
where did i ever get the insane notion that i deserve all that i have right now - and where to i get the gull to complain all the time for the smallest of things? if anything i deserve eternal damnation - but God as gracefully saved me from that - and yet i want more - i always want more - basically telling him that "dying for my soul was not enough, he needs to give me everything i want cause i did a good thing today? "
i must be crazy to think that the God of the universe owes me anything at all let alone eternity in heaven with him. In fact, I should get down on my knees for every little blessing that he gives me. there are so many things that i have that i am very undeserving for, my family, my health in the general scheme of things, my bed, a car to drive, etc etc.. i could go on forever of all the things that i take for granted (yet never ever should)
anyway - " we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" - and nothing we can do will ever make us deserve all that the heavenly father has bestowed upon us - i guess in the misdt of my selfishness i need him to give me a wake up call - James Shelley has written a thing about being "Terminally Selfish" - this is a true depiction of life as a human -
As a person in this day and age - living in a consumer driven world - one cannot simply separate themselves without the help of Jesus and even then we are bound to fail or slip up and get caught up in all the hype - so im gonna start small i guess and at least sometimes hopefully remember exactly what Jesus did for me and how undeserving of even that i am - instead of expecting the rewards of things i should be doing out the simple love for my Savior and not for any type of social or spiritual rewards. I may never completely get it but i hope that every once and a while i shake myself out of my selfishness and give God the glory and honor, and praise he so richly deserves.


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