the hidden story

if you've ever read "a tale of two cities" and have any interest in self-less love - you could not have missed the story line of sydney carton. this man was a wreck with no where lower to go in life. He was a homeless drunk with no more ambition in life than to drink. he had made more life altering mistakes in his lifetime and felt his life was no longer any use to anyone. he believes that he is "a disappointed drudge, sir. I care for no man on earth, and no man on earth cares for me.” ... until he met lucy - lucy gave him what turned out to be his last glimer of hope to being a better man. although he was a wasted to nothing she gave him the sense that there might still be hope for him. he eventually got the better of him self but not before he found the courage to profess his undying love for him and at the same time mentioning that he could in no way ask for his love to be return for his life was not one worth trying to save. although she pleaded with him to try and be that man - he turned her down saying it was no use. but left her with the fact that he would die to keep a life she loved with her and wished her to know that there was a man loved her to give his rotten life for someone she loved. This goes on to foreshadow the end of the novel where sydney dies in the place of lucy's husband, charles darney. as he was scheduled to be executed sydney (who bares a resemblance to Charles Darney) dies in his place. He states at the end of the movie "it is a far far better thing i've do than I have ever done, it is a far far better rest that i go then i have ever known."
anyway... just thought i would state my opinion on this story... one of the most tragic loves that i have ever encountered. i know most people believe that love and romance are dead... but i totally believe that it is all around us. sadly most of us just miss it due to lack of time or energy or creativity.... and even though i have no one around me to bring out my romantic side now... love is out there and we would all to good to not forget that in the busyness and crazyness of life....
anyway - if you haven't read the book and you're looking for something to read... this book is great! (not just for the story above which is far better when read, ) but for the rest of the story too... it is intriguing.


Anonymous said…
"i totally believe that [love] is all around us. sadly most of us just miss it due to lack of time or energy or creativity...."

I like what you wrote there. It's amazing how quickly we write off the whole "hollywood notion" of romance as completely unrealistic, and yet at the same time habitually return to it. We are somehow innately wired to long for love... regardless of how impractical or foolish our culture judges it.

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